Suiciety - 1994-. Ready, set.. The End.


After “Century of Brutality”, after the last three tracks I made: “The Servant”, “Manslaughter” and “In Descend” I felt like I was finally getting on top of things and finding my sound again, but at the same time my Studio mate was getting too addicted to buying and selling musical hardware and he was constantly asking me if we really needed this and that instrument, which I did. Sometimes my need counted and sometimes it didn’t. My part of the Studio had diminished to being only the Atari ST, which had grown to the Mega desktop edition, and the Ensonique DP/4 Efx Processor. I think we were getting on each others nerves and a split was imminent.

I, the machines, the voices of the hardware speaking and the music was finally starting to make sense to me and then everything else broke up. I guess I should have seen it coming, but it came to sudden. The last recordings I have are the worst early-beta-jam-sessions I made. Some scraps on tape, here and there, partially overwritten by whatever was playing on the radio late at night. Totally not prepared. Doesn’t even have the last I worked on. Cripes…

No point in elaborating in which direction I was heading, it will only make me cry.

  • On today, early-work-mix on poor tape quality.
  • Sky diving, only a fraction exist.
  • Not even named, is lost.


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