Suiciety - 1991-92 - Period of Transistion


In the period between The Dead dont Rebel and Century of Brutality I was starting to adjust to the near infinite possibilities of my new rig, the Atari ST with Cubase 2.0. No longer being limited to 16 notes total minus 4 for drums and hi hats of the TR-505, no more saving the memory of the TR-505 and keeping strange schemes for the setup of notes for each save. No more having only 4 sampled sounds at a time, 2 of which were drum sounds, one bass sound and one melody sound. No more reliance on the Tascam 4, which was actually a pretty bad recorder and one completely unfit for electronic music. No more time spend on creating and manipulating static samples to maximize the output. I was going overboard and I was having a hard time being productive and creative. The new visuals, the track layout, that had always been sort of abstract to me, was suddenly there. No longer limited by the TR-505 to only make 48 variations of a single 16 note track. It was actually pretty hard to find my bearings. At the same time, new equipment was becoming available to me, since I made a studio with an old college acquaintance, where we were sharing the equipment we had leased from a Musical Hardware Shop on top of the few gadgets we had in advance. The Prophet-600 had a distinct disadvantage from scratch, it was receiving on all midi channels (default in omni midi mode with no option to change it), which was also the reason why I had been sampling the sounds from it onto the S-10. My buddy knew of another vendor who were selling updates for vintage synths, so I got that midi business taken care of.

I still managed to make a few tracks in this period, but somehow most of them got lost in time or due to recycled tapes. Since I wasn't living at the studio, I was making tapes to listen to the music at home and keep the inspiration going between my sessions.

It was also a time that saw a lot of strange old synthesizers and rack modules passing by in search for the genuine workstation synth. The base of command.

During this time I also found a friend in the Roland SH-110 Synth Module, which were able to produce some pretty full sounds as heard on Gone Too Far, but unfortunately it left me before I got a chance to fully get to know it.


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