Suiciety - 1989-91 - The Dead don't Rebel.

In case I managed to mumble more than you could possibly hear

The songs from The Dead Dont Rebel are from the very beginning of my musical experience. At that time I was in my late teens/early twenties and going through various forms of colleges in lots of different societies, which sometimes was quite a source of inspiration for good and bad.

All of these tracks were made on a Roland S-10 (12-bit), which I used to sample and manipulate sounds from my Sequential Circuits Prophet-600. I used a Roland TR-505 as composer and sequencer and apart from the high hats I rarely used any other drum sounds from it. The drum sounds were mostly taken from Front 242 (the drums sounds found in Work 242 of the Never Stop EP was particular clean, cut and useful), Skinny Puppy (Chainsaw) and Nitzer Ebb (That Total Age/Warsaw Ghetto) after being run through the simply equalizer of my sound system. Since I didnt really have any voice effects I sampled my voice as well. Unfortunately the Roland S-10 only had 4 small banks (64k), which was really annoying.. And even though it also had a sound processor it took ages to make anything useful. I managed to make one really interesting sound mixing the rim-shot of the TR-505 with a particularly rough sound of the Prophet 600 which became a defining audio-trait of my most succesfull songs. I tended to make the most out of the few voice samples I made. Sampling entire songs was uh, rare. I used a Tascam 4 track recorder, which was another limiting factor. With no real stereo devices available to me I had to manually pan between left and right as the tracks played out on the Tascam, when I needed to finalize my tracks, which created some weird effects sometimes.

Much later I got myself a Roland Guitar Distortion pedal-thingie I used for voice, which can be heard on To Live and Decide, but at that time I was getting ready for the Atari ST and the beginning of a different experience.

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