Suiciety - Sugar pie


(This is uh, sort of a love song, one of my rare love songs, the only one actually, guess why?! She just got off the train. It was raining a lot, I had an umbrella, I offered her shelter, before I saw her, she turned towards me, she was pretty, blond, intelligent, sweet and independent and I walked her home, which were the same way I was going anyway, and she was completely stunned by my chivalry. It was just a matter of common courtesy to me, but the following days she was SO very happy to see me, sparkling, smiling, waving and really pointing me out, that I got really, really embarrassed about it and started to ignore her. What a waste of potential. I'm really good at that. Wasting potential. Happened all the time, except now that I am older and more experienced and would really know how to take advantage of it it doesn't, pfth!! I wish I could have handled it differently, back then, but…)

Where are you?!

Baby come back to me!!

I want you now!!

Say you want to try..

Sugar pie, where are you?

Where are you tonight?

Sugar pie, I need you tonight

Where are you tonight?

Sugar pie you make me so glad

When you are around the sunshine shine on my face

Sugar pie I need your love

I need your provocations and I need your support

Sugar pie I’ve got a heart of gold but a mind of stone

I need you to ease my mind

Baby come back to me!

I need this evolution of body and hind, uh mind..

(Ugh, this is a long song, go figure the rest)

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