Suiciety 1989 - 1994 by Jan Andersen

On these pages you'll find the early work as well as the published material of the electro-industrial label of Suiciety from 1989 to 1994 free for download.

There was a time, before the internet was publicised and made into the abundant source of information that it is today, that I thought that the concept name Suiciety was my invention alone. I was living in it.

Later, much later, I realized that the name was quite used already by An Aussie punk/folk band, a German thrash metal band, some kind of concept literature and other things.

A few years ago I discovered, that I have a small latent fan base.

I thought about how to separate my early work from the other uh, factions of Suiciety. That became SUI-X-IETY - "X" marks the spot and here is the treasure..

I have and will be adding old material of the past known space of Suiciety for which I have the exclusive rights. I am at odds about uploading contents from published material, but since I have never been paid for any of the subsequent releases apart from the original release of Century of Brutality, I’m not sure if I should respect that right or if it even exists. Apparently it doesn't (made inquiries) and thus I've included the original CD recordings - see recent updates.

Plans for contact forms, polls, partial community services, logs and cross compatible mp3 players have been considered, but the opinion is still wavering.  already provide an excellent community service for electro enthusiasts and that one you can be sure I read, uh, occasionally.  

Last updated 10. March 2009

Slight update on 8. February 2022 with the addition of the original version of Don't Go Back


Jan Andersen.

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