Suiciety - 1993-94 - Century of Brutality

In case I managed to mumble more than you could possibly hear

The songs from Century of Brutality was made during the period from 1992 to 1993 in my early twenties. I was attending a kind of Business University at that time, because I still didnt know exactly what to do. The plan with the study was pretty simple: Get fat and rich from financial intercourse and pay the lease for all the musical hardware. Unfortunately I forgot to count on that I had to study for it, it was pretty boring to begin with, but still, the kind of people I met at these uh, places was a great uh, source of inspiration. The anti-matter.

All of these songs were made using an Atari ST with Cubase 2.0 as composer and sequencer. The hardware was at times pretty flamboyant and awe inspiring, but unfortunately not steady. I was part of a small studio and the other part kept buying and selling old and new musical hardware. I could be in the middle of composition and then ZOINK hardware gone. Frustrating. Not going to do that ever again.

The core was pretty solid however. For the majority of songs I used the Roland JD-800 Synthesizer, the Alesis D4 drum module and the Ensoniq DP/4 effects processor for Voice effects. I also used the Akai something S-950ish sampler on Truce of Guilt, 15 seconds of paradise, Shopping Psycho and Century of Brutality. For a brief moment the Emax-II was available to me and the only track I almost got finished was Dont Go Back.

In Descend and Manslaughter were the last two tracks I made and not very far apart The Servant.

Century of Brutality is a genuinely happy song. My mind was full of boot stamping country folk doing a merry brutal clog dance.. And still is, when I hear it again. I luf' it.

The majority of recordings were made during the night in an apartment with people sleeping in the next room, so it was quite a challenge to sing brutally in a quiet way. A lot of details will be lost if you dont listen to the music using headphones.. Sennheisser 433 or that even better model I trashed by repetitively stumbling in the lines.

  1. In Descend
  2. Enemy Mine
  3. The Servant
  4. Manslaughter
  5. Disillusionate Me
  6. Truce of Guilt
  7. Century of Brutality
  8. 15 seconds of Paradise
  9. Shopping Psycho
  10. Die Alone


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